coreMQTT Agent v1.1.0
Thread safe MQTT 3.1.1 Client

Add a command to call MQTT_Publish() for an MQTT connection.

MQTTPublishInfo_t * pPublishInfo,
const MQTTAgentCommandInfo_t * pCommandInfo );
MQTTStatus_t MQTTAgent_Publish(const MQTTAgentContext_t *pMqttAgentContext, MQTTPublishInfo_t *pPublishInfo, const MQTTAgentCommandInfo_t *pCommandInfo)
Add a command to call MQTT_Publish() for an MQTT connection.
Definition: core_mqtt_agent.c:1180
Struct holding arguments that are common to every command.
Definition: core_mqtt_agent.h:221
Information used by each MQTT agent. A context will be initialized by MQTTAgent_Init(),...
Definition: core_mqtt_agent.h:185
[in]pMqttAgentContextThe MQTT agent to use.
[in]pPublishInfoMQTT PUBLISH information.
[in]pCommandInfoThe information pertaining to the command, including:
  • cmdCompleteCallback Optional callback to invoke when the command completes.
  • pCmdCompleteCallbackContext Optional completion callback context.
  • blockTimeMs The maximum amount of time in milliseconds to wait for the command to be posted to the MQTT agent, should the agent's event queue be full. Tasks wait in the Blocked state so don't use any CPU time.
The context passed to the callback through pCmdContext member of pCommandInfo parameter MUST remain in scope at least until the callback has been executed by the agent task.
MQTTSuccess if the command was posted to the MQTT agent's event queue. Otherwise an enumerated error code.


// Variables used in this example.
MQTTAgentContext_t agentContext;
MQTTStatus_t status;
MQTTAgentCommandInfo_t commandInfo = { 0 };
MQTTPublishInfo_t publishInfo = { 0 };
// Function for command complete callback.
void publishCmdCompleteCb( MQTTAgentCommandContext_t * pCmdCallbackContext,
MQTTAgentReturnInfo_t * pReturnInfo );
// Fill the command information.
commandInfo.cmdCompleteCallback = publishCmdCompleteCb;
commandInfo.blockTimeMs = 500;
// Fill the information for publish operation.
publishInfo.qos = MQTTQoS1;
publishInfo.pTopicName = "/some/topic/name";
publishInfo.topicNameLength = strlen( publishInfo.pTopicName );
publishInfo.pPayload = "Hello World!";
publishInfo.payloadLength = strlen( "Hello World!" );
status = MQTTAgent_Publish( &agentContext, &publishInfo, &commandInfo );
if( status == MQTTSuccess )
// Command to publish message to broker has been queued.
// The event of publish operation completion will be notified with
// the invocation of the publishCmdCompleteCb().
struct MQTTAgentCommandContext MQTTAgentCommandContext_t
Struct containing context for a specific command.
Definition: core_mqtt_agent.h:115
MQTTAgentCommandCallback_t cmdCompleteCallback
Callback to invoke upon completion.
Definition: core_mqtt_agent.h:222
uint32_t blockTimeMs
Maximum block time for enqueueing the command.
Definition: core_mqtt_agent.h:224
Struct holding return codes and outputs from a command.
Definition: core_mqtt_agent.h:103
uint16_t topicNameLength
const char * pTopicName
const void * pPayload