MQTT Agent  v1.0.0
Thread safe MQTT 3.1.1 Client

Thread safe MQTT 3.1.1 client

coreMQTT is an MIT licensed open source C MQTT client library for microcontroller and small microprocessor based IoT devices. It’s design is intentionally simple to ensure it has no dependency on any other library or operating system, and to better enable static analysis including memory safety proofs. That simplicity and lack of operating system dependency (coreMQTT does not require multithreading at all) means coreMQTT does not build thread safety directly into its implementation. Instead thread safety must be provided by higher level software. This webpage demonstrates a coreMQTT extension that provides that higher level functionality in the form of an MQTT agent (or MQTT daemon). While the implementation demonstrated here is currently specific to FreeRTOS, there are not many dependencies on FreeRTOS, meaning the implementation can easily be adapted for use with other operating systems.