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  • Simplifying Authenticated Cloud Connectivity for Any Device
    Introduction Featured FreeRTOS IoT reference integrations show how to integrate the Long-Term Support (LTS) versions of FreeRTOS libraries with hardware enforced security to help create secure cloud connected devices. This blog describes how to use Wi-Fi and Cellular connectivity modules that implement the AWS IoT ExpressLink specification (from here on, "ExpressLink") to achieve the same […]
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  • Decrease RAM Footprint and Accelerate Execution with FreeRTOS Notifications
    Introduction Queues and semaphores are textbook features provided by all operating systems. Developers new to FreeRTOS use them because they are familiar with them. In most use cases, though, FreeRTOS direct-to-task notifications provide a smaller and up to 45% faster alternative to semaphores, and FreeRTOS message buffers and stream buffers provide a smaller and faster […]
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  • FreeRTOS V10.3.1 Now Available and LTS Development Underway
    We are excited to share the following updates with you: FreeRTOS V10.3.1 is now available for immediate download. V10.3.1, among other things, enhances our memory protection unit (MPU) ports for both ARM v7-M and ARM v8-M cores, and extends RISC-V support to include a new IAR port. With this release, we are also officially switching […]
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  • Simple Multicore Core to Core Communication Using FreeRTOS Message Buffers
    [The STM32H745I demo in the FreeRTOS download provides a worked example of the control buffer scheme described below.] In this post I describe how to implement a basic and light weight core to core communication scheme using FreeRTOS Message Buffers, which are lockless circular buffers that can pass data packets of varying sizes from a […]
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