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FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP now has unified IPv4 and IPv6 functionalities and multi-interface support.
Achieving Unbrickable MCU FOTA for your FreeRTOS-powered Firmware:
FreeRTOS 202012 LTS end of support announced.
FreeRTOS website now available in Simplified Chinese
New FreeRTOS Long Term Support version now available.


ICMPv6 stands for Internet Control Message Protocol version 6. It’s the IPv6 implementation of the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP). The ICMPv6 protocol defines various message types and formats which implement different IPv6 protocols such as Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP).

FreeRTOS+TCP uses ICMPv6 messages as a framework to implement RA, Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP) and ICMPv6 echo ping request/reply.

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