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FreeRTOS Libraries Categories

FreeRTOS provides a collection of MIT licensed libraries available for use in resource-constrained devices across all industries. FreeRTOS libraries are tested and optimized for use with the FreeRTOS kernel.



The libraries in the FreeRTOS+ download directory provide connectivity and utility functionality suitable for building smart microcontroller-based devices and connecting IoT devices to the cloud.

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FreeRTOS Labs

The libraries in the FreeRTOS Labs download directory are fully functional, but undergoing optimizations or refactoring to improve memory usage, modularity, documentation, demo usability, or test coverage.

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IoT Reference Integrations

IoT Reference Integrations are pre-integrated FreeRTOS projects ported to microcontroller-based evaluation boards that demonstrate end to end connectivity to the cloud. IoT Reference Integrations help save months of development effort and accelerate time to market.

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