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MCUBoot Port API Reference

The bootloader can be ported to other hardware by implementing the following porting functions. The port API can be found in lib/mcuboot/boot/freertos/include/port. Note, the implementation of flash_map_backend.h is specific to MCUBoot, with documentation available here.

Bootloader Porting API


/* Passed file name, line number, and function name of triggered assertion */
boot_port_assert_handler( const char *pcFile, int lLine, const char * pcFunc  );

This function defines the assert handler which can be exercised when MCUBOOT_HAVE_ASSERT_H is set to 1 in mcuboot_config.h.


/* Called prior to any heap usage, should the heap require setup */
void  boot_port_heap_init( void );

/* Perform standard malloc/free/realloc responsibilities */
void *boot_port_malloc( size_t size );
void  boot_port_free( void *mem );
void *boot_port_realloc( void *ptr, size_t size );

In the demo's default configuration, heap is unnecessary. However if the bootloader is instead configured to use MBEDTLS, rather than TinyCrypt, the definitions above must implement the functions' standard responsibilities.


/* Configure HW so log messages output on choice channel */
void boot_port_log_init( void );

/* Primitive logging function that is built upon in mcuboot_logging.h */
int vLog( const char *pcFormat, ...);

Logging can be omitted by setting MCUBOOT_HAVE_LOGGING to 0 in mcuboot_config.h. Logging is enabled by default and the log level can also be modified by setting MCUBOOT_LOG_LEVEL to any of the levels defined in mcuboot_logging.h.

Loader and Miscellaneous Hardware

/* Called at start of bootloader configuring any extra desired hardware such as watchdog */
void boot_port_init( void );

/* Responsible for loading the application specified in rsp */
void boot_port_startup( struct boot_rsp *rsp );


/* Feed the watchdog, resetting the watchdog timer */
void boot_port_wdt_feed( void );

/* Disable watchdog */
void boot_port_wdt_disable( void );

Watchdog protection is optional, but suggested. The application is expected to disable the bootloader watchdog, to prevent it from being reset and potentially reverted.

Serial Mode Porting API

The following porting functions are only required if MCUBOOT_SERIAL is set to 1 in mcuboot_config.h. They can be omitted, leaving out interface capability with mcumgr.

UART Interface

/* Initializes UART interface for mcumgr and gpio for serial boot pin */
void boot_port_serial_init( void );

/* Return true if serial boot pin was activated within some timeout */
bool boot_port_serial_detect_boot_pin( void );

/* Returns pointer to static structure with boot_uart_funcs defined */
const struct boot_uart_funcs * boot_port_serial_get_functions( void );

The boot_uart_funcs structure has two members, .read and .write. The signatures for these two functions can be found in MCUBoot's boot_serial.h. One small caveat is that the read function should operate in a readline fashion, setting its *newline input argument to 1 upon reading a full line.


int base64_port_encode( char * dst, size_t dlen, size_t * olen, char * src, size_t slen );
int base64_port_decode( char * dst, size_t dlen, int * olen, char * src, size_t slen );
uint16_t crc16_port_ccitt( uint16_t crc, char * data, uint32_t len);

These functions are hardware independent and should be standardized in the FreeRTOS ecosystem soon. For now, they have existing implementations that can be copied from this demo's port directory.

System Interface

/* Converts x from big endian to system's endianness */
uint16_t system_port_ntohs( uint16_t x );

/* Converts x from system endianness to big endian */
uint16_t system_port_htons( uint16_t x );

/* Sleep the device for usec microseconds */
void system_port_usleep( uint32_t usec );

/* Trigger a soft reset of the device */
void system_port_reset( void );
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