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[Timer API]


UBaseType_t uxTimerGetReloadMode( TimerHandle_t xTimer );
Queries the 'mode' of the software timer referenced by the xTimer handle.

The mode can be either an auto-reloaded timer, which automatically resets itself each time it expires, or a one-shot timer, which will expire only once unless it is manually restarted.

This API function is only available if the FreeRTOS 'timers.c' source file is included in the built project, and configUSE_TIMERS is set to 1 in FreeRTOSConfig.h.

xTimer The handle of the timer to query. The handle will have been returned from the call to xTimerCreate() or xTimerCreateStatic() used to create the timer.
pdTRUE if the timer with handle xTimer is an auto-reload timer, otherwise pdFALSE.

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