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[Task Utilities]

task. h
void vTaskSetThreadLocalStoragePointer( TaskHandle_t xTaskToSet, 
                                        BaseType_t xIndex, 
                                        void *pvValue )

Sets a value in a task's thread local storage array.

This function is intended for advanced users only.

xTaskToSet  The handle of the task to which the thread local data is being written. A task can write to its own thread local data by using NULL as the parameter value.
xIndex  The index into the thread local storage array to which data is being written.

The number of available array indexes is set by the configNUM_THREAD_LOCAL_STORAGE_POINTERS compile time configuration constant in FreeRTOSConfig.h.

pvValue  The value to write into the index specified by the xIndex parameter.
Example usage:

See the examples provided on the thread local storage array documentation page.

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