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Debugging suspended tasks

Posted by hillridge on January 29, 2019

Warning, FreeRTOS noob here. I'm using Atmel Studio 7, a SAMG55 (M4 ARM) processor, and FreeRTOS 10.0.0 as provided by Atmel

I'm trying to debug why a task is "crashing". I know that it is due to an I2C perepheral outside the scope of this forum, but I'm not sure how to track down the root cause. I have a debug line in each running task that spits some relevant info to the serial terminal, and when my bug occurs, multiple tasks stop outputting this debug data.

I can view task status with the FreeRTOS Viewer plugin, and I noticed that all of the problem tasks were listed as "Suspended". When normally operating, I see these as "Running" or "Blocked" (because I have a vTaskDelay(1000) in them).

Questions: 1. What is FreeRTOS seeing/doing that makes these tasks transition to the suspended state? 2. How do I determine what has caused this to happen?


Debugging suspended tasks

Posted by richarddamon on January 30, 2019

A task becomes suspended if it, or another task, calls suspend on it, or if it blocks for an 'infinite' time (waiting on a queue/semaphore for portMAX_DELAY with the appropriate options set).

Likely you have gotten your tasks into a dead-lock, each waiting for some other task to give something they are waiting on. On option is to find all delays of portMAX_DELAY to something smaller (but still long enough that it 'shouldn't' occur, and calling an error function if it does timeout, and set a break point there to find at least part of the dead-lock.

One other cause of dead-lock is to try to take a non-recursive mutex that you have already taken.

Debugging suspended tasks

Posted by rtel on January 30, 2019

Some kernel aware debuggers will show tasks that are blocked indefinitely as being suspended, although in reality they are not. Tends to be the older plugins that have that quirk which comes from an internal implementation detail in the kernel.

Debugging suspended tasks

Posted by hillridge on January 30, 2019

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll start looking at mutex issues, as there is one involved with the peripheral in question. Richard - how can I tell if the task is actually suspended or indefinitely blocked?

Debugging suspended tasks

Posted by rtel on January 30, 2019

You would have to know some of the internals within the task control block, then view those in the debugger.

If a task is blocked indefinitely it is referenced from the suspended task list called xSuspendedTaskList in tasks.c (because it is not waiting for a time) but it is also waiting for an event so the pvContainer member of its event list item (xEventListItem in the TCB) is not NULL. If it were truly suspended then it would not be waiting for an event so the pvContainer member of xEventLisItem would be NULL.

Which is a long route to saying the difference is whether xEventListItem is contained in an event list or not. More recent kernel plug-ins check that.

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