Community Contributions

Supported and unsupported code

The main FreeRTOS .zip file download contains all the official and supported FreeRTOS ports and demo applications. This Community Contributions section makes available additional code that has been contributed back to the project by its users. Community contributed code is no longer included in the main FreeRTOS download.

The ‘Officially Supported’ and ‘Contributed’ FreeRTOS Code page provides a more detailed explanation of the differences between officially supported and contributed FreeRTOS ports.

Accessing and using community contributed code

A separate forum is provided for each microcontroller vendor. The contributed files are included as attachments to the forum topics (threads) and can be downloaded without first having to create an account or logging in. Please do not use these forums for technical support requests – a separate forum is provided for this purpose.

Contributed files vary in their content. Some contain all the files required to execute a demo, while others contain files that must be added to the directory structure contained in the official FreeRTOS .zip file download. Also some contributions are based on historic versions of FreeRTOS while others use more recent versions. In most cases the version of FreeRTOS used in a community contributed project can be easily updated by obtaining the latest files from the FreeRTOS/Source directory of the main FreeRTOS download. I would encourage anybody downloading a contributed file to also download the latest official FreeRTOS release.

Some .zip files contain copies of the lwIP TCP/IP stack which is licensed separately from FreeRTOS. The lwIP license can be viewed here.

Please note that Amazon Web Services Inc. cannot be held responsible for the contents of any user contributed files, neither can we support them. Please report anything that is included in this section that you think should be removed. Also please be aware that OpenRTOS commercial licenses cannot be provided for community contributions.

Uploading a contribution

Instructions for uploading contributions are provided on a separate page. Please do not upload any code until you have viewed and understood the associated terms and conditions and their implications.

The contributed files

On behalf of the FreeRTOS community I would like to extend my gratitude to all contributors.

The Community Contribution forums are located here.

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Latest News

FreeRTOS v10.2.1 is available for immediate download. MIT licensed, includes 64-bit RISC-V, NXP Cortex-M33 demo & Nuvoton Cortex-M23 demo & STM32H745 dual core (AMP) demo.

New Updates to MIT licensed IoT MQTT and POSIX libraries are now available. New library IoT HTTPS is available.  Includes demo projects.

View a recording of the “OTA Update Security and Reliability” webinar, presented by TI and AWS.


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Espressif ESP32
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STMicro RTOS partner supporting ARM7, ARM Cortex-M3, ARM Cortex-M4 and ARM Cortex-M0
Texas Instruments MCU Developer Network RTOS partner for ARM and MSP430 microcontrollers
OpenRTOS and SafeRTOS
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