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  • Secure OTA Updates for Cortex-M Devices with FreeRTOS
    IoT devices are getting rapid adoption in every market segment and becoming a major target for cyberattacks. A significant proportion of attacks on IoT devices happens due to a lack of software updates once commissioned in the field or updates done insecurely. Cyber attackers often target vulnerabilities in outdated software components to take control of […]
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  • Why SESIP™ Certification for FreeRTOS Matters
    FreeRTOS is now certified for the Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP™) Assurance Level 2. FreeRTOS is software that, in most cases, runs on embedded system processors. More than ever, developers are building FreeRTOS applications while participating in a growing community that has been working together for more than 18 years. Although the primary […]
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  • Using Formal Methods to validate OTA Protocol
    AWS FreeRTOS is a real-time operating system designed to run on IoT devices to enable them to interact easily and reliably with AWS services. The Over the Air (OTA) update functionality makes it possible to update a device with security fixes quickly and reliably. The OTA Library, a part of the overall OTA functionality that […]
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  • Security for Arm Cortex-M devices with FreeRTOS
    Securing microcontrollers is a challenge, hampered in part by lack of hardware enforced security domains. Creating two security domains typically requires two microprocessors each with a separate Memory Protection Unit (MPU). Arm TrustZone, introduced with the Armv8-M architecture, enables two security processing environments on a single Cortex-M processor (see Using FreeRTOS on Armv8-M Microcontrollers). Once […]
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  • Ensuring the Memory Safety of FreeRTOS Part 2
    In Part 1, we discussed how FreeRTOS is addressing an important source of security issues --- buffer overflows --- by ensuring the memory safety of the TCP/IP, ARP, DHCP, DNS, and HTTPS header parsing in the FreeRTOS+TCP TCP/IP stack. We described how we're using an automated reasoning technique, software model checking, and how the level […]
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  • Ensuring the Memory Safety of FreeRTOS Part 1
    FreeRTOS is a real-time operating system designed for resource-constrained devices, including devices in the Internet of Things (IoT).¬†Because these devices are resource-constrained, they do not provide all the hardware mechanisms richer operating systems utilize to protect the system from external adversaries.¬†On such small devices, security depends on simpler memory protection and execution privilege level hardware, […]
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