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FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP now has unified IPv4 and IPv6 functionalities and multi-interface support.
Achieving Unbrickable MCU FOTA for your FreeRTOS-powered Firmware:
FreeRTOS 202012 LTS end of support announced.
FreeRTOS website now available in Simplified Chinese
New FreeRTOS Long Term Support version now available.


mDNS stands for Multicast Domain Name System.

mDNS is a variation of DNS service, which is a form of domain name resolution. When an mDNS client needs to resolve a hostname, it sends an IP multicast query message that asks the host that has that name to identify itself.

An mDNS message is a multicast UDP packet sent using the following addressing:

If ipconfigUSE_DNS and ipconfigUSE_MDNS are set to 1 in FreeRTOSIPConfig.h then the FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP API function FreeRTOS_gethostbyname() can be used to resolve a text name to an IP address when the hostname has a postfix ".local".

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